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What is a Digital Agency?

In a world where smart phones and the internet of things are prevalent in our daily lives, new marketing and advertising strategies are now being developed to cope up with the fast emerging technological trends that will soon replace traditional marketing. Welcome to the world of digital marketing and the full service ‘digital agency’ that is now slowly replacing print, radio and television marketing strategies which are the original foundation of traditional marketing. The new word "Digital Agency" is not just a buzzword it is now a core business partner to help you project and implement digital marketing strategies and growth in this fast emerging digital times.

to best explain exactly the difference between a digital agency from other types of marketing and advertising firms, we’ll highlight some of the key distinction:

Traditional Advertising Firm vs Digital Creative Agency

The term ‘digital creative agency’ may sound extensive, but it typically refers to an agency offering more digital marketing and advertising services. For a traditional advertising, the media and channels of distribution use are traditional marketing methods such as print, radio, television and direct mails. While a digital creative agency has a new modern approach using primarily the internet, creative design and technologies to run advertising campaigns. Digital Agency specifically campaigns with the target audience in mind, tailored to a device where the marketing campaign is being viewed such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop and smart objects.

A digital agency’s focus goes beyond just the aesthetics of design, but also considers the overall user experience on every digital platform, and regardless of what type of device is being used. From web development and UX/UI web design to SEO, social media, and content marketing – and everything in between – a digital agency works to deliver a functional design that not only looks great, but also drives business growth. I am not saying that Traditional agency is less creative but it means and strategies are no longer relevant in todays digital age.

Digital agencies also tend to practice exclusively in a specific area of digital marketing and advertising, in a particular niche market, a general business size or type, or an otherwise specified client base. By doing this, they hire for a specific skillset, and obtain more experience in a focused area vs. trying to be everything to everyone.

It’s nearly impossible for a traditional marketing and advertising agency to completely ignore the digital side of the industry, which means most successful agencies consider themselves to be both creative and digital. However, it’s where the agency dedication, focus, and experience lies that ultimately makes the difference.

Advantages of a Digital Creative Agency

A digital creative agency understands the value of investing in technological advancement, as well as in highly skilled web developers, programmers, Graphic artist, and SEO experts, some so called marketing managers do not even have this skills and relevant experience. With advanced skills and technology at their fingertips, a digital agency can offer multiple digital solutions to their clients, along with traditional creative design and branding services.

  • use of technologies to laser target campaigns to specific target audience

  • non aggressive form of advertising, advertising campaigns can be delivered in a fun way like a video, vlog, podcast or any form of content that add values to people lives

  • It is way more cheaper compared to paying for radio and TV advertisement

  • You can measure and analyze your campaign through data and analytics

  • It can be FREE by taking advantage of different media channels

  • campaigns convert faster than tadeonal adverting

  • You can set local, international or global campaign's in just a click of a finger

  • It is more environmental as it does not need any usage of printable marketing materials

Is Digital Creative Agency better than Traditional Advertising Agency ( Big NO )

Having said all the great benefits of a digital creative agency it still relies on the foundation of traditional marketing by just utilizing the same technologies and unless this digital creative agency push their limit it is never enough why then welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing and why artificial intelligence is slowly reshaping the very foundations of marketing. to learn more about applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing please check our YouTube Podcast at below the page.

If you would like to take advantage of the immense marketing powers of both digital creative agency and the applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing contact us today.

Content vs Influencer marketing, which is best for your brand?

Content marketing is perhaps the most cost-effective method of creating brand awareness. So it’s no wonder why more and more companies are opting for content marketing. In 2009, content marketing strategies had generated more revenue than traditional radio and tv advertising, and in 2019 it is expected to generate more than $300 billion in revenue.

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Given how effective content marketing is, it naturally poses the question — should you focus on content or influencer marketing in promoting your brand? Here’s your answer. Content marketing and influencer marketing are different pieces of the same puzzle. In fact, influencer marketing is an integral part of content marketing.

Influencer marketing is not a new concept. Earlier, brands would collaborate with celebrities to promote their products and services. However, now that times have changed, people find it difficult to trust brand messages from celebrities. And so, businesses have started collaborating with influencers — people who have large, engaged social media followings and who are experts in their niches.

From 2016 to 2017, there has been more than a 325% increase in searches for the term “influencer marketing.” According to an Influencer Marketing Hub study, more than 200 new agencies have been established who focus on influencer marketing. The same report states that 28% of marketers found it to be the fastest method of acquiring customers.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of both influencer and content marketing. And why they need to be integrated for the best results. click the next video to learn more.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing vs Influencer marketing our verdict