Cyber Analytics® is your most powerful marketing arm in data gathering, analytics, and content distribution. Cyber Analytics can predict, forecast, influence, and laser-target specific #audiences using the latest technologies in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Psychographics, and Friendly Bots.

Other features include auto-media channel distribution. Brand Reinforcement, Video cloud hosting platform. Cyber Analytics is also like having your own private youtube and Twitter platform combined but much better, never get banned again, say whatever you like to say no matter whats your opinion. Easily redistribute contents through embedded code, pop over embedded, sharable links, add a mailing list inside your videos, capture audience and prevent lead spills, add interactive objects inside your videos such as click-through actions, CTA or weblinks, add payment systems inside your videos, auto transfer viewers to webpages after a video has ended, broadcast live events on youtube with prerecorded videos, use skycast® our own news and media channel, and a lot more never been heard digital marketing strategies that only X Collab digital has to offer.

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