Site for Sale-

Site is for sale or for rent

  • The site is Optimized for keywords PCR-test, Reseintyg, PCR test, Online.

  • It is currently number one for the search keyword on google and youtube.

  • We will hand over the site details to you and you can edit them according to your liking.

  • The YouTube video on the site is not included but you can purchase the Youtube channel and its content. The channel is number one in Youtube search for keyword reseintyg and long tailed keywords for PCR test reseintyg

  • Rental price is 1,500.00 SEK per month minimum of 3 months renewed every 3 months

  • Buy the site for 15,000 SEK

  • Youtube channel PCR Covid-19: you can buy the channel and its content for 6000 sek or rent the spot for 1000 SEK per month minimum 3 months. Renewed every month cancel any time

  • Just use a thumbnail flyer type on youtube with call to action buttons and it will convert.

The site is already activated for Google Indexing and Google crawlers, bots and spiders will index the site starting Aprii 11 10:00

Real time test

Analytics Steadily Rising

The site is optimized for both English and Swedish Text and its Slowly gaining speed